And Zachary Waters plays the show-within-a-show’s stage manager Mike with a sense of 1950s era whimsical bravado that ensures all eyes are on him as he moves about the stage.
— Jeffrey Ellis, BroadwayWorld Nashville

Zachary Waters has always known that he wanted to perform. If you ask him how, he will gladly tell you the story: "I have known that I wanted to perform since I was seven years old, sitting in the orchestra section the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. My family went to see Cats, and while everyone else slept or stared at the stage in confusion, I sat enthralled with every movement. I excitedly recounted what had happened to my sister who slept through the show, who promptly replied with, "Cats don't dance and then go to heaven." I didn't care then, and I don't care now - I still want to perform." He made those dreams a reality by attending Belmont University, graduating in May with a BFA in Musical Theatre. In his time at Belmont he participated in shows such as The Addams Family, Oklahoma!, and White Christmas. This summer he will be heading to Santa Clause, Indiana to perform at Holiday World in their WOW: World of Wonder show as the Ringmaster! 

When Zach isn't performing you can usually find him crafting, watching Idina Menzel performances, or stalking French Bulldogs on Instagram.

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